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For GPs, Trainees and Medical Students

 A new way of mastering the RCGP GP Curriculum for GPs, Trainees and Medical Students

This is a tremendous piece of work!  This not only educates people, but inspires them also.
Amar Rughani RCGP Examiner and Blueprint Clinical Lead,
Associate Postgraduate Dean Yorkshire and the Humber Deanery

This is an incredibly powerful learning tool.
Rob Schafer GP Tutor Oxford

It all fits together very well, and is very intuitive.
Brad Cheek

A wonderfully visual and creative way of looking at the GP curriculum.
Ramesh Mehay Bradford VTS

The content is just right. But watch the Introductory Videos first!
Kev Hopayian GP Tutor Suffolk

You will not have to give up any  of your preferred ways of learning. This new tool will however catalyse and unify them.

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T ry something new: Online Mind Maps with overview videos
Breeze through Appraisal, Revalidation and Exams!

 This resource is pretty unique in using videos and mind maps for medical education. There is therefore a learning curve to getting the most out of this site. The few minutes you invest at the start will repay you many fold.
So please watch the introductory videos.

 The brilliant but under-utilised RCGP’s Curriculum for General Practice underpins:

  • Appraisal and  Revalidation for GPs
  • MRCGP for GP Speciality Trainees

Electronic Mind Mapping is a brilliant but unexploited tool for medical education. It is the ideal platform to promote the wonderful core knowledge that is contained in the curriculum and get it out-there in a 21st century format which is engaging, easy to use and fun. It facilitates grasping the bigger picture and the detail simultaneously!
How many other methods do you know that can do that?

click here for introductory videos

The videos are now even easier to use.
Just press the HD button – you don’t even need to press the arrow.
You can then press full screen if you want.

OPEN THE MIND MAP by clicking on the Mind Map image below the videos.
This will open it in the Mindjet Player so you can read it, navigate it and click the internet hyperlinks!