Educational Supervisor
For GPs, Trainees and Medical Students

The first two videos in this series of four have been produced on behalf of the East of England Multi-Professional Deanery School of General Practice and are on the Educational Supervisor’s Review from the Educational Supervisor’s point of view. The other 2 videos are specifically to help Trainees and their Clinical Supervisors.

All the videos are complementary and interrelated but as they are targeted at different audiences their content does overlap a little bit, partly so that each can be watched independently of the others but also because repetition never did anyone any harm!

Regardless of whether you are an educator or trainee I would suggest you watch all four!

This page is specifically for Educational Supervisors: it will help you do an ESR
The first 12 minute video is quite specific.
The second 12 minute video is more general.

Trainees  may also find them of interest.

This is the main video for those actually doing an ESR:

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This second video is useful if you are new to doing ESRs.
It is less useful for trainees and clinical supervisors:

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DOWNLOADS: Just Click on the Links - but watch the videos first to make sense of them!
Ed Supervisor Checklist Brief - Bradford
ARCP Checklist Advanced - Bradford: BRIEFER
ARCP Checklist Beginners - Bradford: DETAILED
Guide to the New ESR - RCGP 2010
ESR Guidance RCGP 2010 Powerpoint

Evidence for rating scales - Bradford
Ipswich ESR Mapping Form: Hospital Trainees
Ipswich ESR Mapping form: Practice Trainees

ARCP EoE Deanery Checklist
ES ESR Feedback Form - from ARCP Panel - original with "excellent" category
ES ESR Feedback Form - from ARCP Panel - amended without "excellent"
Quality of Learning Log Entries Chart

Competence Areas Mapped to Assessments
WPBA Toolbox - East of England
"Finish the Review" Page


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